How do I route audio FX to specific channel on a multi-instrument engine?

I’m new to Cubase - having trouble finding out how to use an FX (like a reverb) on a specific instrument in a multi like EastWest Play. When I used Cakewalk Sonar, I created separate audio channels and could easily route them to their channel in a Play instance then add Sends to the audio channel. Can’t figure out how to do that with Cubase.

You do it the same way in Cubase.

Create a group or fx channel - and place it either inside or outside folder(just tells where you see it listed as among tracks or group channel folder).
Insert a reverb on that channel.
Then create a send from the output track from EastWestPlay - I think mixer is the easiest .

If you use extra outs from EastWestPlay - you see these in mixer or inspector - and can create a send and route it to this. Or on the left lower part in project window tracks panel, there is an arrow to show automation lanes(that where extra outs appear).

A bit off topic not to confuse too much

In Sonar the extra outs appear just like any audio track in project window, so easier in that way. And when rendering/freeze an instrument - you also get audio on the those outs - this does not happend in Cubase. Freeze in Cubase hide the audio from freeze - and only visible in the Pool, as they call it. You get no assist visually what is happening audiowise in Cubase of frozen instruments(render in place is better though in that sense).

Hmm. I’m having trouble with the extra outs - maybe I don’t understand. Is that done in EWPlay by setting Ch. 1 to Main L/R, Ch. 2 to 3 & 4, etc.? When I try that, I don’t see those represented in the mixer or under the automation lanes.

I’m able to add the send to the Play output track, but that adds the same FX to all instruments. I appreciate the help.

You have routed midi to separate inputs for plugins to play each instrument - now to getting audio outs separately for each.

Inside multiinstrument plugins there usually is a mixer page where you route each one to it’s own VST outputs.
Usually by default each instrument loaded inside plugin goes to Stereo out #1 or similar.
Stereo #1, VST #2 or similar - I havent got EWPlay.

When that is done - you can activate these in Cubase - maybe simplest is in sidebar to the right where Track Instruments are, where you see ability to activate outputs.
There is a place in Inspector too - I think a grid kind of symbol on the right side of Inspector to do that.
Activating each out create an extra track visible in mixer at least(Sonar was nice to do it in project windows too, but Cubase not).

Then having separate tracks on each instrument you can apply effect or send as you please with each instrument separately.

Inside multiinstrument plugin I usually make a preset when done with that so simple to recall instruments and routings.

I cannot see where to activate the outputs in Cubase. I think I’ve explored everything I could click on there, but I must still be missing something. Maybe you’ll see something in these screenshots.

The mixer view in EW Play with two instruments. I usually have all the outputs going to “Main L/R”

The track settings:

Cubase mixer:

That is probably where you set 3-4, 5-6 etc or the separate instruments you want outs for.

The track settings:

one or two rows above the “2” and the grid there - to the right, should be an right arrow from a bucket kind of symbol of some sort.
That’s what I get on my multiinstruments.

then you activate each output as you did inside EWPlay and you will get separate tracks for each.

On the right side of project windows - and open right zone, you will see instruments as well, and there is an arrow immediately ro the right of name that says Activate input/outputs or similar if you click it. That’s another place to look.

Ah - there it is! Finally. Thanks so much!

Great, you’re welcome. :slight_smile: