How Do I Route MIDI Note Data To An FX Plugin?

Okay, I’m totally lost and need some help.

I just downloaded the trial version of Glitch 2. Hopefully, somebody here has used it and can help me out.

Here is what I’m trying to do as a simple test.

  1. I brought up Zebra 2 as my VST instrument.

  2. I went to Insert for my FX and brought up Glitch 2 attached to Zebra 2.

  3. I randomized a preset on Glitch 2 just to be able to see if it works.

  4. I brought up an ARP sequence in Zebra 2.

  5. I held down one note (C1) and nothing happened to the Zebra sound. Glitch 2 had no effect on it.

The manual says I have to be able to route MIDI data to my FX plugin. I have no idea how to do this.

Can somebody help me? Is there anybody here who has actually used Glitch or Glitch 2 with Cubase?


I use Izotope’s StutterEdit—which workls the same way. Since you have Zebra as an Instr Track, your keyboard’s MIDI data is routed to the Zebra. What you need to do is this:

  • Create a group track
  • Route the output of Zebra to the group
  • Insert Glitch 2 on the Group
  • Create a MIDI track and set the input to your KB, and the output to Glitch
  • Arm the new MIDI track
  • Notes played will trigger the Glitch patterns


Thanks. That did the trick. A little complicated but okay. LOL

Now I have to figure out how to program this thing to only trigger on certain notes coming in or at certain times. I’m assuming that’s possible because right now the pattern I have in there is triggering through the entire 10 seconds or so of the test I just recorded.

Sure, it’s a bit complicated, but what you’re asking it to do is complicated!:wink:
A slightly more logical flow would be to load the Zebra in the VST Instrument Rack. Then your MIDI track would play the Zebra, and you could insert the Glitch on the VST output track. But you’d still need to create a MIDI track to send to the Glitch. No way around it without setting up a complicated MIDI input transformation.

I haven’t played with Glitch in years, but you either tell it in its parameters how many bars/ beats to trigger for, or, like Izotope, the glitch lasts as long as the MIDI note you enter.

So then to get specific “glitches” at certain points in time, it involves some complex programming, yes?

Nope! Shouldn’t!

If the Glitch pattern is doing exactly what you want, then you just need to learn how to tell it the correct duration. I can’t remember for Glitch if you tell it duration in its interface, or if it just lasts for the length of the MIDI note (this is how StutterEdit works)

Is the glitch lasting longer than the MIDI note you’re paying/ recording/ drawing?

Yes, the way it’s set up right now, Glitch continues running even if no note is playing. In fact, if I use the modulation effect, you can hear the “blip” even during silence. It’s like it’s on a continuous loop even with no MIDI data being sent.

OH! Perhaps Glitch loads that way as if it’s acting like an FX insert? There must be a way to tell it to STFU and wait for MIDI triggers.

I wonder if it’s possible to load it like a regular VST instrument? I haven’t tried that.

Doubt it. But even if you did, what would it be glitching? It needs to have audio going through it.