How do I save my drum map? Simple question.

Yep, how do I save my drum map so I can open it in another project?

I´m using Superior Drummer 2.0 and I have dragged all the kicks, snares, toms etc… in the drum editor to an order which makes sense to me (kicks first on top, then snares, toms…). But I can´t find a function to save this custom instrument order and open it in another project.

Also another thing. I renamed all the instruments according to the names of SD2.0, but then I sort of accidentally clicked this “GM Map” (which is I guess some sort of default map) when I was trying to figure out how to save my map and poof!!! My drum map was GONE! Just like that. And it´s not coming back even when I quit the project and didn´t save it. Also my drum map is gone from all the other projects too! I worked many many hours to build that map. :imp:

So what´s going on here?

There are multiple ways.

Highlight a midi track, open the inspector, and you should see your midi routings, then midi channel option, and below that will be a blank box or perhaps it will say “no drum map” or something like that.

Click on that box which will give you a list of all your drum maps. If you don’t have any, you still get the option to open “drum map setup.”

It can be quicker to open this from the drum editor depending on your workflow. Alternate is to open the drum editor page, and in lower left you can click on “drum map” or “general midi” and you can open the drum map set up from there.

Anyway once the drum map setup page is open, you can create your drum maps. Once you have created your drum map, in the upper left part of the drum map set up, click on Functions> dropdown> save. Once you do this your drum map is always there no matter what project you open.

Poof and its gone…yes you learn this by trial and error.

I’m afraid the Cubase Drum editor hasn’t received many functional updates in years. There have been numerous requests for simple windows management things like move multiple tracks at once or even simply delete the tracks you don’t use. At the moment the only thing you can do is move one track at a time, and simply blank out the name of a track instead of making the track vanish. You do end up wasting a lot of time moving, deleting names, etc.

On the bright side, many other DAW’s don’t even have a drum editor. It’s all relative. :laughing:

By the way if you use lots of Toontrack mappings, this can be helpful.

Or even this…

Toontrack Drum Maps:!2966&authkey=!ABg–NGabenXu4Y&ithint=file%2czip




I got it figured out. My mistake was building the drum instrument order and doing the renaming in the Drum Editor itself, not in the Drum Map Setup. You can´t save the instrument order the and renaming in the Drum Editor, so they can be gone like that in all projects.

I don´t know why they even allow that then and I don´t know why that is universal to Cubase, not bound to separate projects.