How do I see peak and LUFS analysis graphs of several superclips?

Hi folks,
I’m hoping someone can help me. I have several songs that are all chained together in a seamless set of music. Each song is a superclip. I’m trying to figure out how to see a line graph analysis with peak and loudness information for the the whole project. I tried to do the Process->Metanormalizer and set it to “test”, but that only gave me a log. I’d like to look at a graph. Ideally, I’d love to also see an analysis that also shows me frequency info over time-to see for example if the bass is too loud in one song vs another.

Is this possible? Thank you!

You need to render the clips to audio files, and analyses these files.

That worked great, thank you! Is viewing the whole project as a spectrogram going to be the best way to see the loudness of specific frequencies over time? I guess there is not a waterfall chart?

I guess there is not a waterfall chart?

You can try this, though there is no obvious scale.