How Do I Select All CC Data & Delete It?


I’m wondering if there is a way to filter or select all CC Data and remove it quickly, rather than having to go track by track selecting and deleting it? Can’t seem to do it yet.

I am working off an existing project template that has previous notes and tons of CC Data. I am looking to wipe it clean but leave all tracks in place to use for a template. I can delete all the notes easily enough but it leaves all traces of CC data in their respective lanes.

Thank you!

What would happen if your exported the file as XML and then imported it into a new project?

Hi Derek,

What I can see that did for me so far was remove all the CC data but also change my page layout in the writing view and remove all my VST Port and Channel configurations for playback. I didn’t go checking beyond that yet.

I was hoping to be able to keep all my tracks, configurations, views etc. untouched and just remove the notes and CC data quickly.

I can’t quite figure out a shortcut to select all CC data in a lane to delete it yet. I can only highlight it manually with the mouse and then remove it.


Take a look in the Play > Automation submenu.

Ahhh, I knew it had to be there somewhere. :melting_face:

That was perfect. Thank you David.

One more delete automation question if possible. Is there a way to delete all of just one type of CC data across multiple tracks but keep the other CC values in place? For example, just delete CC7 across 50 tracks at once and keep the CC1 , CC2, and CC11 values on those 50 tracks?

Thank you!

No, I’m afraid at the moment this level of granularity is not provided for.

OK, thank you!

Play menu? Where’s the Play Menu?


Apologies, I arrived here from a Google search about this topic, thinking we were in the Cubase universe.