How do I select All Channels in Mixconsole?


So I am trying to figure out how to select all the channels in the mixconsole of Cubase Pro 8.5 using a Key Command. I have been staring at the key command section for so long and can’t find it! Sorry if this is such a basic question but I can’t believe that there isn’t an option to select all the channels in the Mixconsole considering how powerful Cubase is. I thought Ctrl and A would do it as it works in the Project window and in the Keycommands it even has Ctrl and A = Select All but it doesn’t work (for me in Mixconsole).

Thanks for any wisdom on this harrowing matter! :slight_smile:


I don’t think you can. There are no MixConsole specific selection commands and the project don’t work when MC is in focus.

If you have visibility tab open you can hold the top track and swipe down the list (or bottom and up) which is better than selecting one end and scrolling the other end of the mixer to shift select.

That will work. My template is growing and applying a send to over 400 channels becomes somewhat of a time sink when constantly scrolling. Thanks. I thought I was losing my mind. Feature Request anyone? haha!

Selecting the tracks from the visibility tab does not include the tracks within the folder tracks.

Isn’t there any keycommand for selecting ALL mixer channels?
Something like “Ctrl-A” ?

Or is there any possibility to creat a keycommand of my own? I cannot find a solution.

Or use the Project Logical Editor:

Container Type is -> Equal -> Track -> Or
Container Type is -> Equal -> FolderTrack
Function -> Select

Save it as a Preset and make a Key Command for it.

Awesome. Thank you very much.

Brilliant. Thank you. The PLE is so useful. I am about to start making a Lemur template to navigate around all my template folders!

The tracks within a folder and Group Tracks are not selected.
I tried to find a solution but no way.
Has anyone an idea?

Not at my DAW, but anyone tried clicking on the top track, scrolling to the bottom and selecting the bottom track with Ctrl-click? (on the arrangement page)

Just a thought…

Yes, I tried this in the mixer view.
The folder tracks must be opened to be selected.

In arrangement view it is the same: you have to open the folder tracks, too, to select them.

OK, now this should work:

First Logical Editor Preset: Open all Folders
In the upper half:
Container Type is -> Equal -> FolderTrack

and in the lower half
Track Operation -> Folder -> Open

Function -> Transform

Second Logical Editor Preset (same as in my first post): Select all Tracks

In the upper half:
Container Type is -> Equal -> Track -> Or
Container Type is -> Equal -> FolderTrack

Function -> Select

then put them both in a Macro and make a key command for it or
if you’re out of keys and prefer to use the Logical Editor make an empty Logical Editor Preset with
Function -> Select
Macro -> your really select all Tracks Macro

The Project Logical Editor presents don’t work for me!
Anyhow, How can I use two or more channels. It seems shift/control click does not work.