How do I select just one voice across several measures?

If the treble clef has an alto and a soprano voice, how do I select only the alto voice across several measures?
I’m aware that you can click a measure, then shift click the second measure ( which will select all voices on the staff across the selection) and then right click, filter, voice, then down stem voice 1.

I am also aware you can hit a note, then Ctrl, shift, A in order to select all notes within a corresponding voice for that given measure. And then input the same command again to select ALL notes throughout the entire piece in that voice. But I am looking for a shortcut to simply select the alto voice within a few measures.

Is there a shortcut for this though?

Try selecting the first note in the group, then Ctrl-clicking the last note in the group, then press Ctrl-Shift-A once to select all notes in that voice in between those two.

It’s a wonderful little accidental trick, if I remember correctly, and please @dspreadbury don’t get rid of it! :sunglasses: