How do I select multiple channels and change their track name or routing?

I’m a beginner using Cubase 12 Pro on a Mac.
I understand this could be done in the logical editor, but I don’t know how to set the command or what the command is in the project logical editor.

I just want to select all and change multiple settings and names at once.

Not sure how to rename them all at once, but Q-Link is how I simultaneously change the routing for multiple channels.

Select the tracks you want to modify and hold down Shift-Alt to activate Q-Link while selecting your desired routing and all the selected tracks will change. You can select the routing from the Project Window Inspector or in the Mix Window Routing Rack. If you’re in the Mix Window, you’ll also see the Q-Link button activated when you hold down the key command.

Thank you so much! That’s going to help a lot

I heard renaming multiple tracks is done through the Logical Editor so I’m still curious about what others have to say about this.

Yes except you’d use the Project Logical Editor. The problem if you Select multiple Tracks and try to rename them when you double-click a name field to change the name, that will unselect all the other Tracks. One of the example PLE presets that comes with Cubase removes the “(R)” from the name of Rendered Tracks. That’s a good starting point.

Hey Raino,

I’m not sure I understand. What is the preset called? I search for “rename” in the preset box and select rename, but I don’t see the option you’re talking about. I’m a beginner to PLE. Not sure how to set up an action and how to apply to what I want.

Thanks for your help.

I’m not at DAW so can’t be specific. But the stock PLE Presets are sorted into folders & I’ve found those make it easy to find. You could also search the PLE presets for “(R)” which I know is in the name.

If you are just learning the PLE it’s super useful to just browse the preset names to see the types of things it does - even if you don’t know how it works yet.

I’d suggest getting the full story from the manual rather than small bit’s & pieces here.