How do I Send midi to control a simple external device? (3 commands only)


I’ve been a pretty advanced Cubase/Nuendo user for a long time, and I’ve used the old Generic Device a lot, for multiple things without any problems.

But as this one will become obsolete… I’m trying to get my MIDI devices to work through the new MIDI Remote, but for the moment nothing works…

For the moment I am trying to operate a small Recording Light, which is based on the Mackie control protocol (Note 93, 94, 95), to light up in red/green or go out depending on whether we are recording or reading.

In PJ I put the programming (very simple) of the generic device that I use and that works very well.
I can also declare my Recording Light as Mackie Control, but in this case Nuendo/Cubase considers that it manages 8 faders (!!!) and therefore if I connect a real controller with faders at the same time, the first 8 (or 8 last) faders inevitably become inaccessible (since, thank you Steinberg… for having suppressed the choice of banks on the controllers… what nonsense!!..).

Such a device is extremely simple in its protocol. Simply 3 Note On that Nuendo/Cubase needs to send to track the shipment.

So I would be really very grateful if someone could enlighten me on how to achieve this operation with the new MIDI Remote!

Thanks a lot !