How do I set the font for lyrics?

Every time I set the font in Text in Score Settings, the font switches back (to 24 p., bold) as soon as I input the lyrics. When I sebsequently select all lyrics to set a more appropriate font and press Apply, all words are changed to the same word (the last one selected). There must be something I oversee. There seem to be a dedicated place to set the score font that overrides the settings in Text, but I can’t find it.

Hi Anders,
To set the default text (same procedure for the other text classes too)…
Open the Text pane of the Info dialog… without any text selected… (and the Notepad widget rather than the Selection widget). Select the text class (so, here, “Note Layer”, and click the “Lyrics” button). Set up the text settings as desired, then hit “Apply”.
N.B. This will not change the font of already-existing lyrics.

Hi Vic
I had just figured out I was doing wrong when your answer appeared. The thing I forgot was the "then hit “Apply”-thing. (Oh my God, how stupid!)
Thanks anyway, I knew I could count on you. All the best!

Aloha guys,
Not to hi-jack this thread Anders but to vic on the subject of fonts.

1-Where do the C6 fonts reside on my Mac?
2-Can I swap them out for say, Sebelius or Finale’ fonts?
3-Will PC (music) fonts work on my Mac?

Major TIA

They are actually inside the Cubase application folder, but you cannot swap them directly with other fonts (not that I’ve ever tried! :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’d be very surprised if the I.D.s of the Sibelius fonts corresponded even vaguely anyways.
However, there’s nothing to prevent you from copying them into the Mac’s “regular” fonts folder, thus allowing you to enter them as regular text. Same goes for any of the other music fonts you mentioned.
I just did a random selection of different clefs (only the first one is an actual Cubase clef… the others are entered as regular text… I can promise you it just isn’t worth the effort :wink:

Thanks vic. Your word is good enough for me.:slight_smile:

And Mahalo to you Anders for letting me ‘ax’ vic this question
in your thread. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: