How do I set the input volume on a single track?

Lets say I have one microphone and I want to record two guitar tracks. One track is quite than then other so I want the gain to me higher on that track. At the moment I only seem to be able set the gain on all tracks. That means I have to keep adjusting the gain every time I recording on different tracks

If I understand you correctly you are using one mic to record 2 different sources where source1 is louder than source2.

The best place to adjust for this is by raising and lowering the gain for the Mic input on your audio interface itself - this will give you the best signal for gain-staging within Cubase. Also, in any case you will want to adjust the gain here so the loudest signal from the mic never distorts.

The easiest way to adjust for this inside Cubase is on the Input Channel, so make sure those are visible in your MixConsole. Then you can adjust the gain in the Pre section.

I’m not sure about Elements & Artist (but suspect they are the same) but in Pro you can create multiple Input Busses that are referring to the same physical port on your audio interface. This would let you create (and put in your Template for later use) 2 Input Channels for the same mic. You could name one “Mic Soft” and the other “Mic Loud” and adjust the Pre-Gain on each differently - then use one Input Channel when recording the loud source and the soft for the soft.

Here’s an example of that - these are both Input Channels for the same physical mic.

This is what the Audio Connections for that looks like

Brilliant thanks. I was already halfway there but although I get good results quickly I have no idea what I am doing half the time.

Thanks again