How do i set up HALion Symphonic Orchestra

I have installed the HALion Symphonic Orchestra trial version ( ) before i make my BlackFriday purchase at a 50% savings.

However i am having considerable trouble setting it up to test it in my Cubase LE Elements 7.

When I check Plug-in Information it shows me Halion Sonic SE and HalionOne but no Halion Symphonic Orchestra.

Please help.

( My Mac OS Maverick 10.9.5 and iMac 2009 desktop )

You access its presets directly through Halion Sonic SE’s preset menus. (Search for orchestra). It is a VST Intstument Set, not a plugin.

Thanks SteveInChicago. That makes sense that the HALion Symphonic Orchestra is a VST instrument and not a plug-in albeit i’m still unclear as to the difference. Oh well, it is what it is.

I still find it a bit odd that even the VST instruments i have do not list HALion Symphonic Orchestra but rather Symphonic. Without your hint to search for Orchestra i would still be floundering in utter frustration thinking that the trial version is different from the for real install.

Go figure the logic of Steinberg in naming.

HSO is now also available as a separate plug-in, like Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance, and Triebwerk.
If you install the trial, it will show up as “Symphonic Orchestra”. Of course, you can also still load the presets within HALion, HS, or HSSE.

Thanks Jaslan- I did not know that it had been released as its own VST instrument. ( and, the content is identical to the sound set.)

The problem with that is for first time buyers/users. No read me file that i could find tells me to look for “Symphonic Orchestra”. In my way of thinking it should show up as HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

I am sure grateful that there is this forum.

Just a guess but it could be a limit to the number of characters they could use…

Could be albeit they show Halion Sonic SE and HalionOne.

Serves me right for having a plethora of VST plugs.