How do i set up key command on my midi controller

ive got a couple of old midi controllers i wanted to set up too toggle key commands and hot keys but i cant remember how to do it can anyone help?
last time i did it was back in cubase 4 so its been many years and ive totally forgot lol

my controller (numark orbit) is already set up as a generic controller and it works fine but id like to assign the buttons for my most used things i do all the time in cubase …so for example i right click to open my tools box but id like to assign pen or scissors to there own butttons so i click a button it pops up.

can anyone help?thanks

In the Generic Remote setup, simply assign the command you want to use, e.g. scissors:

To be a little more complete (sorry, @GuruGurra:face_with_hand_over_mouth:), I would set the whole Generic Remote definition window like this :

I defined in it 4 basic edit tools (among them, the scissor and pen ones) driven by 4 push buttons of my VMK-188+ controller : works perfectly, after a test.

IMO, the essential things are, first, to always define an unique combination for both channel and CC controls, this, no matter how many controllers I have and, second, to always carefully save the defintion (.xml file) in a place where Cubase can retrieve it without problems (access rights, stable location…).

Hope this helps…

many thanks …
i still couldnt get it too work but after a few tries i got it too work as it should…
im really happy i have a wireless midi controller now which can have 512 commands programmed too it !!!
i can also now map the accelleramotors on the orbit controller to control any parameters too so i can use it too open and close a filter on any vst :slight_smile:
and i can also use it wireless away from my studio which will be great for my drummer…i can give him some headphones and he can punch himself in and out whenever he wants …then i can pass it too our singer and when hes in our vocal booth he can use it too punch himself in when he feels ready plus control playback and use the accelermoters too add as much reverb as he likes …this thing is a game changer now …

ohh yeah and its rechargable and has straps so it can be worn on any arm and when all the led lights flash up i look like tron lol

if anyone sees the numark orbit controllers get one …i got it ages ago for a gig we were going to do i had it controlling samples but the gig got cancelled and i just put it away its been boxed up for years …ill be using it all the time now.

i bet alot of people never saw or heard about it when it came out years ago here it is if your intrested…
Orbit | Numark

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