How do I Setup MIDI?

I would like to Use my UR44 as a MIDI input,
I connected my keyboard to the UR44 (used MIDI din cable)
What MIDI or UR44 settings make it possible to use my keyboard in Cubase?
Do i have to add the MIDI ports to cubase in someway?
In my Studio Setup i can’t see the UR44 MIDI Ports, only a windows MIDI device.
(I would like to insert an image, but don’t know how i can do that)


You don’t have to add the MIDI port somewhere in Cubase. Just install the driver. The MIDI Ports should appear.

Could you attach a screenshot of Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Setup, please?

I thought i had it fixed, But after a reboot the MIDI ports are gone,
I used Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.10.3
I’m unable to use my Roland keyboard as MIDI Input.
I’m starting to get mad, why doesn’t it work.
Can someone point me to how to setup MIDI from the UR44 for Cubase 10?

I don’t know how to attach an image, the only thing i see in there is a “Windows MIDI” device


Download and install the latest driver here, please.

Probably my fault,
I tried to use mstsc to connect to a remote pc.
If i logon to the desktop i can use my UR44 MIDI input.
Never had that problem with my audio ports