How do I show Eb baritone sax in CONCERT in full score (BASS clef), but TRANSPOSED in bari part (treble clef?)

I’ve tried using the “default” Eb bari instrument in Setup, and also the “Bass Clef Full Score”. In either case, when I view the Part, it retains the bass clef whether I’m viewing it in Concert or Transposed, and if I change it in either the Score or the Part, it affects the other as well. I know in Sibelius there was a simple way when entering clefs to differentiate between whether you want a certain clef for JUST the score, JUST the part, or for both, but I’m very confused about how to achieve this here. Any help would be extremely welcome (due to a serious deadline :slight_smile:)…
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  • D.D.

Dear D. D.,
I just answered this on your FB post.
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Thanks. I did try (for a bass clarinet I wanted to be bass clef for the Concert Full Score, and treble clef for the tranposed part) choosing the instrument “Bass Clarinet - bass clef Full Score”. However, this didn’t subsequently default to treble clef (which is the standard notation in transposed parts, as far as I am aware) - it still stayed bass clef.

Someone on the Facebook group also just pointed out the command “Edit >Clefs >Concert/Transposed”. At first glance, this would seem to be exactly what I’m looking for. However, I can’t figure out how it works and can find zero documentation on this feature. I was presuming (as I mentioned on Facebook) that if I have a player that doubles on flute and bass clarinet and choose the standard “Bb bass clarinet” instrument, that if I want to see a treble clef when viewing a transposed part I would select the bass clef as in the following:

and then choose this while the bass clef is still selected, and while viewing the part in Transposed Pitch:

However, doing so doesn’t change the bass clef to a treble as I hoped it would. Any help would be greatly appreciated -

  • D.D.

The Edit > Clef command only works on a real clef item: the default clef that appears at an instrument change isn’t a real clef, but you can create one at that position, and then you can use that command.

That is - in a word - awesome. Thank you.

  • D.D.