How Do I Snap,Quantize or Nudge ALL TRACKS At The Same Time To The Start Of a Bar

I have imported a midi file that I have recorded as a backing style from a keyboard.
Everything is fine with tracks and drums.
The first instrument that plays in the song is a piano.
However this piano track does not start exactly at the beginning of a bar
I want to have this piano starting at exactly the beginning of a bar.
So how do I move the piano part to the beginning of a bar and SELECT AND MOVE ALL THE REST OF THE TRACKS AT THE SAME TIME PROPORTIONATELY so everything still aligns.
All I am really trying to do is select all and get the first note to snap to the beginning of a bar.
I do realise that I am thick as mince ,I’ve looked at snap,quantize,nudge and just cant get it.
Any help much appreciated


Select all MIDI Parts in the Project window by the lasso selection and move all at once.

I think i know what your getting at martin but i want to be able to select a starting point at the beginning of a bar and then be able to watch as the first note snaps to that point and and everything else follows with the correct timing

I think i figured it out,basically select all tracks so you can see them in key editor,then select ctrl A,switch off snap ,select whatever beat you wish,in my case 1/1 drag the first note to the start of the bar and everything else follows in perfect timing

i probably meant to say switch snap on