How do I speed up the results in MediaBay browser?

If I open the preset browser for an VST instruments with only one preset saved, it takes 14 sec before the results show up. This is the case every time I open the browser - also when reopening it. Seams like the browser has to scan every time I open the browser.

Did you go through MB and make sure only DAW related folders are selected to scan?

Yes, that was the reason. Thank you mashedmitten.



Sorry you’re having trouble.

Here are a couple of thoughts you might try.

  1. are any of the files or folders you’re scanning located on an external hard drive? I know that the connection speed and spool-up time of some external drives can slow down certain functions.

  2. If you open Media Bay and click on the little gear icon in the lower left corner, you’ll call up its ‘preferences’. Once in there you might try disabling the option to “only scan when Media Bay is open”. This would let it scan in the background. IF that’s whats causing your dealy, this might alleviate it somewhat.

Also, you might set the number of displayed results to something less than 10,000. I would assume that makes Media Bay’s life easier (and faster) too.

Check out page 327 in the Cubase Opeartions Manual.

hope this helps!