How do I split the Project window in N5?

I searched entire operations manual for the word “split” and I can’t seem to find how to split the project window into two sections like N4 did.

Has this feature been removed?

Hah! Thanks Bredo. It’s the tiny backslash on the right top. It really should be mentioned in the manual.

Ha, I think I must have hit this by accident recently because my project windows split,which actually was great but I couldn’t find how to do it in a new project.

I’ll take a look :smiley: Cubase 6 by the way.


OK, this thread intrigued me because I don’t know what splitting the project window accomplishes and it might be useful to me if I understood it. I did read the project window section of the manual (operation) and did not see it mentioned.

Thanks for your help!

basically Mark it puts a small divider at any point, and in doing so the tracks above and below behave independently regarding resizing etc.

I use it for things like marker tracks, time signature,etc I split below these and keep them at a small size, then all my tracks below when I’m working will change size etc but the ones above the separator just stay the size I’ve set them.

does that make sense?


Another way to think of it is like the “freeze row” feature in Excel that keeps reference tracks visible while you scroll the ones in the lower section. Great place for additional Marker and the Arrange tracks. I also put the VSTi folder in the upper section and MIDI tracks in the lower to do quick edits in VSTi automation and MIDI data for the the tracks assigned to the VSTi. I just wish I could get either to scroll automatically into view when the other is selected… baby steps?..

The fact that it disappeared from the manual got my goat. I hope it’s not a deprecated feature destined for removal. I’d even like to see more than one… more could be very functional on a big monitor.


Thanks for taking the time to explain this feature.