How do I stream audio from cubase directly to iPhone to check mixes?

I tried studio pass but it had a message saying that it couldn’t connect to a local network. Suggesting I guess that it can only connect to different networks which is what it was made for ie connection across countries. Is there a workaround for this ? Somehow creating a different network or whatever ?

I think you might need vstconnect pro - certainly you need that for local network connections - you might be able to fool it by using a vlan ?

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Just a thought, couldn’t you just get a set of Apple earpieces and plug them into the phones output of your interface, it would be an easy solution and although not perfect it would give a very good idea of what the mix sounds like on an iPhone.

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I was able to stream live from Cubase PC to iOS device, using VBAN.

There’s a free version that works ok. The paid version - still cheap - adds a couple of options.

In the end though, I prefer to export a mixdown, and listen to it like a consumer, in a different context, and make notes, rather than tweak as I go.

Listento is good for this. It’s not free but works great. You can also send the Listento link to clients in another city, so they can listen to you mixing their tracks in real time…

Looks promising but no Mac version.
I currently do what your work flow method too. It’s not that painful all in all. Simply export straight to iCloud and it’s uploaded to my phone within 5 mins. But nowadays I’m finding I want more instantaneous feedback so I can finish things faster.

thank you!

Jump Desktop allows you to remote control a mac, from an iPad, anywhere on the internet, with audio! if you have Soundflower installed. I assume the audio goes through some kind of lossy compression, but that’s part of the test.

I write software for a living, so I have options that a lot of people don’t. However, there’s a way to do a similar thing with free websites. I’ll detail both.

In my home, I have a number of computers on the network. On one, I host a website I wrote that I use for household things, diet, etc. It just runs in my home on my internal 192.168.x.x network. This lets me point a mobile device to it via IP address and bring it up on that device’s web browser. For example, in Safari on my iPhone, with it connected to my home wi fi, I just open a page and point it to (if that’s the IP address of my website). Now I have a page on my website that I can see on my phone. When the page loads, it scans a folder for mp3 and wav files, and then loads them as links on the page.

On my DAW computer, I have a shortcut to that folder. When there’s a mix I want to check, I just drag and drop it into that folder. Then I pick up my iPhone, refresh the screen, and the link to the song is there. I click the link and check the mix on the phone’s tiny little speakers. Rinse and repeat. That’s been a very handy way for me to test mixes on mobile devices, and if I think it might sound different on my iPad, I could open the same page on that.

Now, most of you aren’t programmers (and hence you’re much more sane than I am), but you can still use this concept. The plumbing will be a little different, but you can get the same effect.

Let’s say you have a SoundCloud account. You’ve got a mix that you want to check, so you upload it to your page. Then you pick up your phone, click the link, and off you go. This would be the same for WordPress, Wix and other websites where you have widgets to play songs.

If the website you use allows you to upload your files via FTP, there’s another little trick that will make life easier. In Windows (I would imagine it’s the same for Macs), you can create a folder link that points to a folder on an ftp site. You set it up, type in your credentials, and then just drag and drop a file to that folder. If your website page will load songs from that folder then you’re all set. In fact, I could have done this on one of my public websites and used this approach. I just use my local network because the file copy is faster.

This approach provides a cross platform way of testing your mixes on mobile devices. You can have a collection of Apple and Android devices sitting at your desk and it will work with all of them because you’re just playing a song from a website link. It’s probably too geeky for most of you, but perhaps there are a few who would benefit from this approach.

With Steinberg UR interface you get Loopback function, when you activate it, signal from Cubase comes into System, When you Launch VB-Audio Network on Computer & iOS its transfer audio immidiately

This solution works flawless

Goodreader is great for quick file transfers - it can create a direct connection between any devices on the same wifi network, and is really fast. I often move my mp3 mixes into my iphone and ipad this way. It also does loads of other useful things.