How do I stream audio from cubase directly to iPhone to check mixes?

I’m getting a bit tired uploading to a cloud and would also like to be able to listen real time too. There must a be simple way? Via cable maybe (where do I plug it and what do I do ? Or some remote streaming option in cubase pro ?

well, how is your computer audio-wise connected to the rest of the world?
I mean, which interface do you use?

I found an adapter to connect two microphones and a headphone to an iPhone. (A product by RODE). - this product also converts audio.
It should be possible to connect a pair of your interface’s outputs (or a stereo output if it has one) to these two inputs. This way you could listen via your iPhone - directly connected to your recording setup.

There are a lot of alternative products to connect an audio source to the iPhone - I did a google search and visited - you should be able to find what is appropriate for your purposes.

Thanks a lot - i actually found a software alternative something called airfoil - streams direct to iPhone from mac albeit with a slight delay.

Re the hardwire way I was always confused how to cable things up, like if it was just as straight forward as finding a cable to go from out of your sound card into you iPhone, or if you needed a special cable and to configure something or other in the phone.:man_shrugging:

Hey you, great that you found a software alternative.

The wired way indeed would also work as I wrote. Maybe there are also “digital” alternatives - which would also require to use a port on your audio interface of course.

I think I searched for adapters spontanuously because to connect Apple stuff to the outside world they guys I know always needed adapters. ;o).
I used to make jokes like: “Apple stuff is lightweight and flat - very practical for transport. Unfortunately you need a Rucksack to carry all the necessary adapters to connect to the rest of the world with you”. (I must admit, the adapters always looked great: White and shiny, very fency.).
This is how vendor lock in works ;o)

All the best, Ernst :slight_smile:

The music has to be in your iPhone to check the mix accurately, I’m not sure what you mean by streaming to iPhone. Are you talking about Bluetooth or wifi streaming ?

The way I do it:
I export the master 24 bit / 48 kHz is the maximum format for iPhone > open the song in iTunes in your computer > add song info like artist name… > sync your iPhone music library and it should be in your music app in your iPhone.

steinberg studio pass should do it:

except…surprise surprise - currently broken, like most SB apps

any kind of streaming or uploading - just the fastest way of getting it into the iPhone. I use the dropbox / iCloud method but i do it so often that its got to point where i figure i need to try and get it more instantaneous - ie just plug my phone in to a cable and it plays right to it - there’s got to be a simple way to do it via my focusrite sound card.

ah that would have been good - i may just give it a go just in case - thanks

Have you tried Music io app ? :

I used it with Cubase and Mac it works.

Thanks that looks good. The only thing I’m wary about is that it hasn’t been updated in three years and the UI looks really dated suggesting they’ve stopped support. I’m wondering how long it will last with constant OS updates etc.

Here’s the official website:

I still have it on my iPhone and Mac, I haven’t used
In a while but I will test it ASAP and report back.

After testing it, I don’t recommend that app for streaming with Cubase at the moment.

Also using airfoil but there big latency.
Still looking for better solution

If latency is your problem I highly recommend one of the devices that I have found and connect the gear via cable.

Hi Eilen Ive googled but am not clear on which devices you mean. I’ve found. couple of midi adapters and things like irig pro - is the what you mean? if so i already have a sondcard - i thought it would be straight forward to just plug into my sound card but i haven’t yet found a video that shows that set up of simply playing back audio to the iPhone via cable

Yes i tried it and the latency is a bt off-putting though that software does work pretty well otherwise.

Not real-time, but I export mixdowns to a cloud folder and then use the app Cloudbeats ‎CloudBeats Offline Music on the App Store on iPhone to play it on AirPods or car stereo, for reference.

I considered a real-time solution, where I would stream from Cubase to a bluetooth dongle in the car, parked outside, and tweak mixes over wifi using Cubase iC Pro remote app on the iPad. Wouldn’t it be great if Cubase iC Pro could receive streamed stereo-out audio from Cubase …?

If wireless headphones are involved (eg. AirPods) I’m not sure how much difference there would be between beaming the audio to an app on the phone, vs pairing the headphones directly to the DAW?

I do something similar

I dump my mixes into google drive and just use the built in player in the iphone to play them - sometimes airplayed to another speaker or hifi.

I also have a wireless link thing from denon (which isn’t very good IMO) linked to other systems - the plan was to use cubase IC (although the avid app is better - check out the various posts) and sit in another room and do some adjustments - never find myself actually doing this.

the studio pass software I linked to above should do what you want IC pro to do re: realtime streaming but it’s broken on the current IOS