How do i sync external synth (arpeggio) with cubase clock

I’ve been trying to synchronize a minilogue/roland system 1 for quite some time, so that the arp plays the same tempo as the cubase clock, i’v tried both,with midi cable and usb connection.
Tried to solve this in “project synchronization setup” but it doesn’t work, does anyone have any idea how to make the settings?
Recording and operating from my midi keyboard works fine, everything except the arp!

Cubase 12 Pro/PCi 7/16Mb ram/behringer X32/Midi plus 4x4/USB hub 1916


In the Transport > Project Synchronisation Setup > Destinations enable the MIDI Port, where do you want to sent the sync data, in the MIDI Clock Destinations. Ale enable all 3 options:

  • MIDI Clock Follows Project Position
  • Always Send Start Message
  • Send MIDI Clock in Stop Mode

On your hardware, make sure the Timecode is set to Slave.

Thx Martin,

I will try that

Kind Regards