How do I sync left to right stereo track after editing one track?

I have a piano stereo track. The piano player left a bar of playing out so I copy and pasted one track. After watching a video on using the range application, I realize I could have copied the two tracks at once. But I only edited the one side. I tried to copy and paste the other track in same location but it’s out of sync with other track. I simply don’t know how to sync the Left track to the right or vica-versa and can’t find a simple fix on youtube or here.
Thank You!

Can you post a screenshot showing the problem & also your Audio Pool Window. Your description sounds like maybe you recorded your stereo Audio onto two mono Tracks.

Yes, I’ll get the photo. I recorded synth onto zoom HD 16 so I think that your right. The zoom records stereo onto two mono tracks. There are two piano tracks. I was thinking of simply deleting one track and then copying the remaining track. But I’m trying to learn the program so using this as an excersise in figuring a way to sync tracks in case it happens again. Elements doesn’t have auto sync like pro does. I’m thinking I should be able to shorten or drag one of the tracks to the same starting point. Use the counter somehow?

Hi Raino,
Here is the screen shot of the audio pool. The tracks are track 120 and track 130. It looks like the times are the same but the starting point must be different because they are slightly out of sync. It looks tiny on the email. I hope you can magnify it. Thank you so much for your help.


I figured it out! See the space in the lower track. I needed to copy and paste a segment the same length so the segment would line up with the track beat. I used “range” and highlighted the space. I then held down the left mouse key and it would drag that exact highlighted area anywhere I wanted. So I drug the highlighted area (which copied the measurement of the original highlighted area) and placed it at the start of the piano segment I wanted to fill in. I released the mouse key and it highlighted the same measured area that I wanted to use to fill the space. I copied that segment and then pasted it into space and voila! Perfect timed space filled (above track). I then erased the track with the space and copied the new fixed track and it automatically aligned it with the new fixed track. It worked! All the copy and paste edits on youtube are super complex adding points here and there and watching time clock on playback etc. This is really simple. I just lucked out and stumbled onto it.

I would recommend figuring out how to have your Zoom generate stereo files.

Also if you Select your mono Audio Parts above and use Edit>Group you can link them together so they don’t get out of sync again.

Ah. Good knowledge. Thank you for your help.