How do I toggle through tools via right click?

I tend to select my tools via the right mouse click and select them from the list (just easier for me) however with this method I have yet to figure out how to select the different variations of a tool. Is this possible?

For example, the “line” tool has 5 different variations - Line, Parabola, Sine, Triangle, Square & Paint, yet when I select the tool via right click, it seems none of these options are available to me, only my last used version. I’ve tried holding down each keyboard modifier (option, alt, shift, etc) before right clicking, but nothing discloses the multiple tool options.

Is there a way to select these multiple tools via key modifier + right click? I know they can be viewed via the disclosure triangle when selecting them from the toolbar under the window headers, so is it not also possible to have this when selecting via right click? I also understand you can toggled these tools if you assign your tools to different key commands, but for my work flow, it would be much faster to add a modifier before right clicking which will disclose that tool triangle in this menu and/or simply make it so this triangle is available via the right click tool selection, just like it is in the tool bar.

Hopefully there is some way to make this happen that I’m missing?

Here, if I hold down the right button and click on the tool with the left the options show up.

Odd,when I do that here tool options do not show up, but when I click with the left mouse button the tool box closes and the tool is changed automatically go to the next one. e.g. if I’m on line tool, right click and hold to bring up the tools, left click on the line tool, the box closes and automatically switches me to the next tool (parabola). I tried with two different mice (one with dedicated left right buttons and my magic mouse) and both exhibited the same behavior.

Maybe its a mac bug or perhaps I just have it setup wrong? Are there any preferences that control this behavior?

What mouse are you using?

Another “It’s broke, how do I fix it?” post. Are we to guess wher you’re trying to use this, toolbar or popup toolbox? :confused:

Are you sure you’re still holding the right mouse button when you click the left mouse button on the tool you want to select the sub-tool from?

Works fine for me here on my i-mac, but this might require use of a regular mouse (which I use) where you can easily hold the right button down while clicking the left button at the same time. With apple’s magic mouse, or their track pad, this could get… tricky.