How do I toggle Track Time Base for multiple tracks?

Hey everyone,

I was trying to find this topic here, but I couldn’t see any search results on this matter.

Needless to say, working with a large number of tracks for a film, in particular, poses a problem when they all need to be toggled from a Musical track time base to Time linear track time base.

Could you guys let me know how to set this up?

I think this can be achieved through the (dreaded) logic editor?

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Use Project Logical Editor:

Filter Target
( Container Type Is | Equal | Track )

Action Target
Track Operation | Time Domain | Toggle // Or Musical or Linear, if you wish one specific

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Thanks so much Martin,

Will give it a try.


Martin, is there a way to save the Logical Editor settings for when I reinstall Windows & Cubase?

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Yes, you can save the preset to any location you want to. It’s a common XML file.

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Thanks so much!

Just came across this post. I thought to add how I do in this situation. In Cubase 13 you can create key command for toggle time base for selected channels, create a key command and that’s it. Its actually same as pressing ‘S’ button to make multiple tracks solo. If you select multiple track and tap the red “S” button on one of the selected tracks, only one track will be Solo, you have to press the key command “S” to achieve all selected tracks to go Solo.

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Very kind of you. Many thanks for letting me know!!