How do I transfer a soft e-license to a new computer?

I recently purchased a UR44 for my home studio.

I initially installed it on an older MacBook, not realizing that I wouldn’t be able to get the guitar FX package to work under OS X 10.6.8.

I just finished re-installing the UR44 to a newer MacBook running OS X 10.8.5.

Everything went well including downloading and installing Cubase AI, until I tried to update the Basic FX license on the new computer. The e-license control software on the new machine won’t accept the activation code, because it’s still registered to the old computer.

There doesn’t seem to be a control for de-registering the Basic FX pack from the first computer.

How do I free up the license, so I can get it moved over?

A license is transferable, but you need a dongle to do that. Once the license is on the dongle you can move between any computers that you have any time you want. Whichever computer the dongle is in, can run Cubase.

A used activation code (this is not a license) cannot be used again, it’s a one time thing.

You can also request a new activation code by contacting Steinberg Support. There may be a way to do this by yourself at My Steinberg, but I do not know how that works, or if it is even possible.

Check out this post:-

Thank you Jenks. Problem solved!

In re-reading the SeL FAQ, I realized that I hadn’t tried simply entering the old Basic FX activation code into MySteinberg as a new piece of software.

Once I did, then the e-licenser on my old machine popped up with the current registration for Basic FX, and I was able to use the Reactivation feature to transfer the license to my newer computer.

Basic FX and Cubase 7 AI are now re-united on the new computer, and I’m cooking with gas.