How do I transfer .aif from Dropbox to cubasis?

I copied the file in Dropbox, but in cubasis it says “clipboard is empty”. I’m also given the option in Dropbox to export to a few different programs, including auria, but not cubasis. How can I either copy and paste, or get cubasis to show up as an export option in Dropbox?

Wow. Just need to vent as this is really frustrating. One would think this would be a simple thing to do. It is with auria. I uploaded the files to documents, Hokusai, and audio copy… And the best I’ve gotten so far is an export from Hokusai, which was converted to a stereo file. This is a time sensitive project and I don’t want to use auria. If anyone is reading this, please help ASAP? I just want to find the best way to transfer aifs from Dropbox to cubasis. One would think this shouldn’t be rocket science? Hoping its a simple thing that I’m simply missing. Still a PC guy, wrestling somewhat with the ipad, but want this portability.

OK. Il answer myself for anyone else who may ask.

I had to use Hokusai, download the tracs one at a time, convert them to mono (on Hokusai), and export them from there to cubase 1 track at a time. They showed up in the audio section in the media bay.

Not very user friendly, regarding cubasis. Cubasis doesn’t show up as an option to export to in Dropbox. Is this a bug, is there something I need to do that I don’t know about, or should this be an update suggestion?

Can’t you do this with audioshare?

I downloaded the recommended “audio copy” but couldn’t do it with that, or couldn’t figure out how. Not familiar with audioshare.

Why do other programs show up in Dropbox, but not cubasis? Is there a setting somewhere that I don’t know about where I can make this happen. Again, auria does show up and I can simply export the files there. It’s aggravating cuz I want to use cubasis. Way more comfortable here, than with auria. That’s why I dropped an additional $50.

Cubasis can’t read aifs, you need to convert it to wav or mp3. I ponied up 2.99 (I think) and bought Audioshare, converted it to wav and voila, cubasis became and option in the open-in selection. just went through this the other day.