How do I transpose all key signatures?

I am wanting to transpose everything down a minor second. Write > Transpose does not allow me to transpose downward by that interval, and I cannot figure out how to transpose all sections of the piece along with all the key signatures of the two key changes I have.

Many thanks, all!

I think there is something you can do with unison diminished (there already has been a topic about that rather strange name) and use of enharmonic key… Sorry I am far from my computer so not able to answer more precisely, but it is possible.

[slaps head] I wanted to transpose the entire piece, and I was able to do so without selecting any of the music and just letting Write > Transpose do its work.

My problem was I had manually selected all of the music, which confused the system. Thank you, Marc!

Well, for what it’s worth, now that I am using Dorico : you select the music in write mode, go to the write menu, transpose, and it will let you transpose down a minor second without any problem. I never tried without selecting, but with selection it does work. I don’t understand where your path goes wrong…