How do I tweak the timing on the Tempo Track?

I have a video of some drums being played in a club. The the drummer stops and there’s just room noise, then the drummer starts up again. I want to mix in some music to match the drums across that whole sequence. And then put it back over the video. Since it has to match the video I want to warp the tempo track, NOT warp the audio track. Here’s what it looks like…

I did a Tempo Detection, then Analyze in the Tempo Detection panel. It matched pretty well in the first few measures but was way off in the weeds after the drummer stopped playing and never picked it up again at the end. So I a Smooth Tempo, which was better but still off by an eighth-note when the drummer came back at the end. How do I get the Tempo Track to match on both ends? Is there a way to tweak the timing of it on that last section, which is pretty short? Thanks in advance.

Did you already try to adjust the misaligned beats using the Time Warp tool? It’s usually the easiest way to adapt the tempo to a recording if the automatic beat detection doesn’t work reliably.

What I did last time I had to deal with such a thing was to manually count the amount of bars there ought to be and then use the Warp tool to manually push the bars around until they fit. If the tempo of the first part was fairly steady I’d use like the average of that tempo for the last tempo event before the break to make it a bit easier.
But - manual correction is the way to go.

Add-on: I never use the Sample Editor for this but always vertically zoom the track in the project window. Works better for me.

No; I thought I had to do it with the Tempo Track. I’ll try the Time Warp Tool. Thanks.

Just to clarify - you mean manual correction with the Time Warp Tool, right?


So I tried the Time Warp tool. Maybe I’m not doing it right but here’s what happened. Starting with the top image I wanted to move the bar line for 98 a little to the left to line up with the transient in the audio file. But as soon as I moved it a tiny bit all the lines between 97 and 98 disappeared. (bottom image)…

… What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Could it be just a display issue? Ie. if you zoom in you’ll see the lines?

Zooming-in doesn’t help; it’s a not a display issue. When that gap appeared, the Tempo Track broke in the same place. (see attached screenshot) If I Time-Warp the lines a little bit back to make the gap go away, the Tempo Track automagically repairs itself.

But that means even trying to move the bar-line an eighth-note (this music is in 6/8 time) to line up with a transient seems to cause this problem. It doesn’t do it in every case but even once wrecks the track because in the other instrument tracks when they get to that spot they just blur over the blank spot, playing a whole bunch of notes at once. It sounds terrible . What is causing this?

What I’ll suggest is a bit of an experiment:
Make a copy of the audio file, resample that to 44.1kHz sample rate.
Make a new project and set it to 44.1kHz smaple rate in the project setup. Import the resampled audio file and start the tempo mapping process again.

Background: We know about a problem that automatic tempo detection can introduce - for a lack of better words - f*ck-ups when using 48kHz. I never have seen what your screen shots show but maybe the root cause is the same.

This only happens when doing Time Warp editing. The initial tempo detection went perfectly fine. I know about the 48 KHz bug but I’ve never encountered it.