How do I typeset #2

How do I typset this (bar 33 of Chopin Ballade #1) - the famous
“squashed flies” bar
18 notes in the space of 3 crotchets


I used a hidden 18:6 tuplet to reproduce what you showed. The real problem are the small noteheads, not yet available.

Not so fast!

Creating 8th note grace notes before the first note of the next bar, removing the slash and choosing “place before bar line” will generally place a large group of grace notes as far right as possible, like so:

But of course, the left hand notes will not necessarily align, so we can then using the brand new note spacing tool:

With this final result:

Note that there will be an added system break which you may wish to place elsewhere as you do final edits.

Brilliant - thanks a lot

Once had two problems - how to typeset this (which you have answered) - then how to play it.

I think the latter is more problematic :slight_smile:


Of course, one gets accurate playback using Derrek’s method. Eventually, we will get small noteheads.