How do I typeset this chord

How do I typeset this:

(Bar 7 of Dvorak Op 100 Sonatina)

The first “chord” in the top (is this the correct name - ie is it technical a chord)
has a dotted minim with stem down and a minim with stem up.

Exactly what sequence of keypresses do I type in to typeset this:


In Voice 1: half note E, quarter F

In Voice 2 — hit Shift-V to create a new voice if you haven’t got a down-stemmed voice already: dotted half C.

It seems you might not be acquainted with the concept of voices in Dorico yet, so let us know better what’s the problem, so we can figure out how best to explain!

If you have not watched the videos on the Dorico YouTube channel, you really should. It will answer a lot of questions and save you a lot of time in the future.

I’ve watched some of the videos - and read some of the manuals.

I guess you mean the start working with Dorico channel.

One problem for an absolute beginner like myself that there are a large number of videos
if they were numbered 1 2 3 etc. in order of difficulty I’d know where to start :slight_smile:

I have this mixture of impatience matched with a desire to run before I can walk.

Oh, I know that feeling!
I’ve just started trying to learn Illustrator, basically wanting to master the whole CC Suite…

You could start with the dates of the releases, even though Dorico has changed since october… This is how I’ve been learning, from day 1, and the videos are really GOOD. Then, you can check in the forum if the thing you are trying to do has been reported, and if not, everyone here will be glad to help !

Agreed. I sometimes want to find the latest monthly Q&A from John and find it very difficult to separate it out (even by date) using the YouTube search tools.