How do I uninstall the trial version?

I missed out on the summer sale for the Halion SE and now would like to uninstall the VST from my Mac.
I have searched but cannot see any instructions.

thanks in advance


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here is a link with further information:



I still can’t do it and I always get this annoying dialogue EVERYTIME i start Cubase. Why don’t you guys have uninstallers?

I don’t even care if the samples stay on my MAC but how do I get rid of this dialogue. I don’t want to buy the trial version but Steinberg make it so difficult to get it off the system.

The link you sent me to talks of entire applications NOT VST soundbank trials!

Please advise
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Aloha and just curious about this topic

Is it true that because these trials are ‘timed’,
that SOMETHING (file etc) has to stay on yer 'puter
in case a user tries to re-install and use the product
after the trial date has expired?

If so, is there anyway to also get that off,
other than re-formatting the hard drive?

Or is that a no-no security issue?


I’m not sure but at this stage Steinberg aren’t a great help in answering this dilemma. :confused:

I updated to Cubase 7 so now I get the dialogue box in black! And the page that is supposed to direct me to the instructions does not show up anymore - flaky website?
C’mon there must be someone there at Cubase that cares about their customers?

Hi there,

here is the link:

Everything you need is in this article.
Just remove the 26 content files, which are named like this:


Important just to delete the files only with HSO in its name and no others.

Delete additionally the HSO preset file:


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Thanks but the link is broken. At least on my side.
Takes me to this page?
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Hi there,

the link is not broken…it is working here on my system…

Or just use the keyword function in our knowledge-base:

Mac OS X




Thanks Marcus. It must be Firefox being flaky again. In any case I have extended the trial now that I have upgraded to Cubase 7. And i must say the audio quality of 7 is much better. Not to mention the interface. Cubase 7 is a substantial upgrade.

I have a problem!
I downloaded the free Cubase Elements 7 trial version and now its free trial license expired! I want to buy the full version but I don’t know if I’ll have to uninstall the trial version to install the full version!
Can anyone answer my question?

I believe after purchasing, you ‘activate’ the program and the trial becomes the full version. You shouldn’t have to re-install.