How do I UNQUANTIZE an audio part?

Quantized some audio and can’t just UNDO because I’ve done a lot of other edits since then.

Can’t I just select the event, and undo the quantization somehow?


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There is more than one way to do it:

Try Edit > History

If you used audio warping or manual stretching Audio/Realtime processing/Unstretch audio command will remove any stretching on an event.

If you quantized event starts without any stretching Edit/reset quantize

REgards J

Just found Edit>Reset Quantize…

THANKS TO U BOTH!! :slight_smile:

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Another way to use the Undo history is to undo to the right point then copy the unquantized items then ‘redo the undos’ and past the items back in the project. Also useful to delete the wrong items before you undo and locate the cursor at the start of the original items before you redo, then all you have to do is paste (and they’ll paste back at the cursor position).

I mention this because while you may use the Reset Quantize, its just that sometimes if you drag the items because they quantize to the wrong place then the RQ command doesn’t do anything anymore… I.e. if you move a note then its quantize ‘history’ is removed.


The “Move To Origin” feature can be useful for this. I’ve assigned this function to “Shift O” and use it quite frequently.

I found another good solution if you have also stretched/warped the audio, and you want to undo, just this;

Audio → Real Time Processing → Unstretch Audio

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