How do I unset the bar# limitation.

When I first started my current project, I used one of the tutorials where the narrator said, “let’s set the bars to some number” Anyway, I set my current project to 64 bars.

Apparently this also limited it to 64 bars. How do I go back to unlimited option, where you can just keep adding music page after page which is the way it is by default, I believe.

I swear, I looked and looked through set-up mode, but cannot figure out where it was.

(BTW, While I like the uncluttered look, it’s also serving to drive me a bit crazy at moment. It’s like having one of those old pieces of furniture, where they hide drawers within drawers or behind panels. It’s so SEAMLESS, I can’t find the locations of things sometimes.

I know this will improve over time, but right how, aghhh.

rexwine, if you just continue inputting your music, new bars will be created automatically.

Alternatively, if you want to see bars beforehand:
select the last barline (or the last note),
press Shift-B
type „+40“ and
hit „Enter“

This will add 40 bars to your flow.

You can always add new bars or just adding music, your “64 bars” has no relevance.

I forgot to try closing the program and opening again. It works fine now.

But literally, it would not enter music beyond the last bar line.

The program wasn’t frozen as I could still input notation elsewhere.

Anyway, thanks!

Might you have inadvertently hit “L”, which reinputs pitches over existing rhythm, perchance?

Regardless, at any point, from Write mode, you can select a barline, type Shift-B, then Enter, then type +60, Enter, and 60 new bars will appear following the barline you selected. Substitute 60 for the number of bars you actually want. You can also type -60 (or whatever), and the following 60 bars will be deleted.

You can’t enter music beyond the last bar line with the mouse, because there is nowhere to click to position the next note.

You can always create more bars (the same way as you created the first 64), and you can enter more music with the computer or midi keyboard without first creating more bars.

If it happens again I will video it before I close it.

I did try to enter notes through the keyboard. It would simply make notes up to the last bar and stop. It would create no more. I tried deleting to try again and same result.

Someone mentioned triggering another key accidently – perhaps I did that, or even depressed multiple keys at one time creating an anomaly of some sort. But if I knew that I would be able to say that’s what it was.

As I said, after I finally closed the program and finally opened it again on the same piece, it was working fine on the same piece.

You could also try going to Engrave mode, then back to Write mode. I find that sometimes Dorico will just stop responding - I click on a pitch, I hear it, but it doesn’t run orange; I go to Engrave and back, and voila, there it is - orange and working. You might try that - sure is faster than closing and re-opening!