How do I us Cubase Bridge instead of jBridge?

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been using jBridge for a while, but my Sonic Projects OP-X PRO II Vst synth apparently works much better with the native Cubase Bridge than jBridge according to Sonic Projects (who answered my support request withing minutes, very cool!). UAD and other 32 bit plugs have been great with jBridge so far.

This is gonna soud silly, but i cannot find any info on Cubase Bridge in the 6.5 manual.
How do i get Cubase to bridge plugins?

Many thanks.
C 6.5/64 / Win7/64/ UAD PCIe / RME PCIe / Intel i7 2600k / 16 gig DDR3 ram.

By NOT jBridging it…

When cubase x64 finds a x32 plug, it uses it via its own bridge.
When you jBridge it,bit is a x64 plug.

If you have both x32 and x64 plug in your scan path, cubase only loads one of them, as both have the same ID.

Make sure only one of both (the one you want) plugs is in your scan path.

I use my plugin manager to create individual scan paths:

Cool, thanks for that. Will try it first thing tmro.

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