How do I use external hardware effects with Cubase 10?


I would like to start using some external hardware effects with Cubase 10 and have had a look at some tutorials online but I can only get so far because “external effects” is not showing up in the inserts?
These are the video tutorials I’ve watched :-

I have an EQ connected to the analog input and output’s of channel 8 on my Motu 828es interface.

I would really appreciate you help.


I’ve just found that the External Plugins in the inserts is now within the Steinberg plugins options. I’m not getting an external effects channel appear in the mixer and when I try to add my external effect to a channel this mutes the audio?

At the moment I have an EQ connected to the input and output of channel 8 which I have patched in to my interface so that I can record both the dry signal and eq’d signal simultaneously. I would also like to be able to send tracks other tracks to this eq when mixing from Cubase at a later stage. How do I do this?

The external EQ is not appearing in the sends?

No one gets „appearing“ fx channels in the mixer

Then you should learn how to do the routing and setup correctly. Since you ´re not giving any useful information on your system and or hardware, you should start by reading the manuals.

No busses do.

Hi. Ok I might be using the incorrect terminology. I’ve worked this out and now have the KLARK TEKNIK outboard channel in the mixer (image Ext. 1)

I have done this and I’ve watched video tutorials and still haven’t got it working correctly. This is why I posted the question on here!

Again, I might have used the incorrect terminology but I now have the Klark Teknik showing in the FX Sends (image EXT. 1)

My setup is :-

  • Interface: MOTU 828es
  • DAW: Cubase 10
  • Preamps: Warm Audio TB12 x2
  • External hardware Compressors: Klark Teknik KT-2a / Klark Teknik 76-KT
  • External hardware EQ: Klark Teknik EQP-KT

External FX will show up as an insert plugin… aasuming you have set up the External FX correctly within the Studio Connections window (F4 by default). In there you make an “insert module” routed to the correct physical inputs and outputs.

Thanks for your helpful reply. I’ve got this part working now. It would appear that the issue is in the DSP mixer of my Motu 828es