How do I use faders for automation?

I cannot find any info on this nor do I see anything regarding automation in the app. I’m trying to use faders for CC automation while recording a vst that I’m playing through my keyboard. What am I missing?

Could be several things, that failed or are missing.

What midi controller is connected to the PC (e.g. Keyboard, external midi controller)?
How is the controller connected to Cubase (e.g. specific controller, Mackie Control, Generic Remote)?
How are the controls connected to functions (e.g. QuickControls, via midi-learn function, …)

It would be good, if you can provide some more information.

Keyboard is connected to the PC via firewire.
It’s connected to Cubase as the MIDI input.
I’m not sure I understand the third question. I’ll try to be more clear on what I’m trying to do:

Example: let’s say I have a French Horn vst loaded. I want to play a phrase with my right hand and use my left hand to move faders to also record Modulation and Expression CC automation while I’m playing to create more realistic phrasing.

In the iC settings I see buttons for Read/Write, but I can only get it to record automation for the Volume CC. I tried to figure out a way to use VCA tracks in Cubase, but I’ve never used them before and that might be just for volume - I don’t understand it too well.

Basically, I don’t have the cash for hardware faders right now, and I thought this would be a decent solution since it advertised having a read/write automation feature. I assumed it would be for any automation, but now I worry that iC Pro doesn’t do this at all.

Thanks for your help.

Oh, didn’t realize, that we are talking about Cubase IC. I have no experience with it.

So my comments and questions are obsolete.

Sorry for the confusion.

The faders on iC Pro only control volume, just like the faders in Cubase/Nuendo. They can not be repurposed.

You are going to need some sort of remote midi controller that allows you to assign midi CC values to its knobs or faders.

I use a Nektar P1 which is relatively cheap and very flexible.

Thanks for the response. I suspected as much. I’m surprised this isn’t a iC Pro feature. It’s really the only reason I bought it, but I should have asked before buying. I just bought an ipad app called Sonic Logic 3 which does what I was looking for and was very easy to set up.