How do I use MIDI with just my laptop??

So I’m a really big noobie with Cubase 7.5 right now… That being said, I do have the manual so I am learning quite a lot!
I was just wondering, at the moment I don’t have an actual MIDI keyboard… I’ve set up a MIDI track and the notes are there, but when I hit play I don’t hear any of these notes. Is this because I need a real life MIDI keyboard to hear these notes through Cubase, or is there a way I can hear it within Cubase without an actual keyboard?
The manual says you don’t need a real keyboard to use MIDI, but I can’t hear any of the notes so I’m wondering if I’m missing a step or if it’s just because I really DO need a keyboard??

I appreciate all help!

Hi Elisa,
There is a lot to learn but don’t worry there are many experienced users that will be able to help you. You only need your laptop to use Cubase straight away. The sounds will play through your head phones or speakers. You can write the notes into the part and they will play back. depending on how you have set up your track you will be able to use Cubase without an audio interface which are available for under £100 or less if you want to use just midi. Try starting with an empty project then add a single instrument track under the project drop down. Set the lh locator bar to 1 and the rh to 5 double click on the track in between and a part will be created for you. double click again and you should see the piano keys on the left. use the mouse to write in a few notes or just click on the piano keys. If this is unclear just reply and I will walk you through setting the Cubase up. There are many ways of stopping the sound which if you have been clicking on various options it is so easy to prevent Cubase routing the sound output to your speakers.

There are midi tracks and instrument tracks.

You use a midi track if you want to send the midi out to an external instrument or you can send it to a synth you setup when you hit F11.

The instrument track comes with an instrument setup on it already.

You can play audio files in cubase and hear them?

Midi is not sound, just instructions on how to play the instrument. That’s why you have to send the midi somewhere to turn it into sound. You could use a real keyboard synth or module or a virtual instrument like what is included with Cubase.