How do I write 3 flutes on one staff?

I would like to write by inputting 3 flutes onto the same staff. I am not talking about condensing where you write to multiple staves, then view them on a staff (without being able to edit them). I am talking about writing in multiple voices on one staff without having to use multiples.

Hi @VV1 I think this video can help:

You need then to edit your Player name in Setup mode as “3 Flutes” or something like that.

But this workflow using different voices in the same staff instead of condensing different players, has some disadvantages if you need after the fact for example to have separate Parts. Also if the single voices are somewhat complex in their differentiation of rhythm, slurs, different dynamics, playing techniques, crossing pitches etc…, it will become quite unpractical to notate and read them , from the same staff. The condensing algorithm of Dorico take care of all of that and is highly customizable!

But I am curious why you seem to don’t want to consider condensing? This is a very powerful and comfortable feature: using 3 different player (with condensing) you can very well and comfortably edit the separate flutes in Galley view, or switch off temporarily condensing to edit them.

Because it is very cumbersome when sketching in the short score fashion. I don’t want to look at the multiples of every player on the score, or input that way.


Ok. But did the video I linked helped, in regard at your original question?:

Just as reminder: there is a nice Filter function in Galley view so that you can decide which staves you want to look for while editing.

You spoke of multiple voices in your original post, but if you sometimes need the 3 Flutes to play homophon (all the same rhythm) you can use the chords function, and write the three “voices” as chords in the same voice on the same staff:

It is possible possible to use multiple voices, but there remains an issue of unisons- a2, a3 etc.
They do not playback as multiple voices, just one, even when they have opposing stems (so clearly multiple voices).

Just remember that you can’t have each flute on a separate part layout, until you’ve split them onto separate staves.

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You can Enable Independent Voice Playback.

Yes, my concern here is for sketching, not orchestrating or preparing parts.

Right! Thanks :slight_smile:
I forgot about this.

Now, is there a way to reorder the voice tracks in the Play window?

I found “Sketch Instrument” staves hidden away in the ensembles. There is one for Woodwinds, Brass, and Strings. I had no idea they were in there and I don’t see much information on them.