How do I write tempo equations with tuplets?

The palette seems to have some glaring omissions:

Where are the tuplets?

You’ll need to use system text, with a font like MusGlyphs.

I need the playback as well.

You can use the swing feel in the tempo (i.e. shift T, medium swing 8th)

Not doing swing. Doing metric modulation.

Then you can write the tuplets down. And hide them if needed. Polymetric notation in Dorico needs that you use nested tuplets, usually (well, obviously it depends on the different meters, but it’s very rare you don’t need nested hidden tuplets). If you want me to elaborate, please provide an example (even hand-written). Dorico will play those perfectly.

Not interested.
I want the Dorico team to make the above feature complete. It is unfinished without tuplets. Not looking for a workaround, looking for software that is sensible about common features. I cannot fathom someone designing this feature and leaving out tuplets. Can someone possibly give me a good reason as to why they are left out? Please don’t tell me they didn’t want to handle rounding the decimal places.


You can still use MusGlyphs for the equation, create a Tempo Mark with the correct new tempo and hide the latter.

I could also handwrite my score.

Sure. Or you could… add a hidden tempo change.

Really, the need for one simple extra step is hardly that onerous.


Even better: you could just revert to the oral tradition of music communication, or neumes and stuff. Why bother writing stuff down at all? If we are honest, notation is just a means to the end, and a pretty bad one at that. Luckily, it’s the best we have.


Well you are nowhere writing womething like the Black Page with these tools. Writing N-tuplets remains quite a PITA.

And how would playback work with that?