How do Midi takes Work?

How do I make seperate midi recordings into their own lane and then just click the item to listen too?

This is super easy in Reaper.

Convoluted in Cubase with a myriad of options I do not understand like “Stacked” for example.
It says when in stacked mode,the last recorded item only plays but that is not happening for me.

Also when I solo a lane with a midi take on it,there is no sound on that lane.

I thought soloing that lane would play that lane?

I seem to get nothing done because I am scouring around in menus trying to figure out the simplest of things.

It’s called comping and there are different ways you can set it for midi. It’s probably more complicated but easy when you get the right mode and therefore more powerful. I’m not at home so I can’t explain fully. Take a look regarding comping in the manual or nay d someone else who is in front of their computer can help.

Still cannot work it out.

The lanes record different takes but when I solo a lane,no sound is played.

Mate this DAW is so frustrating compared to Reaper which is SOLId as the rock of Gibraltar.

I was going to buy Absolute but because of the buggyness of Cubase,I don’t know if I can.

All I can say is Reaper was designed for Windows from the start and maybe it has an edge on that OS whereas Cubase is better on Apple based Systems?

Do takes only work for AUDIO items?

Ok ,this works for MIx-Stacked but when I record I can hear everything playing from pervious takes?

If I select just Stacked,then I can’t listen to any lane because they make no sound when soloed.


Cubase has 2 modes to cycle record MIDI parts that are interesting for you: “Stacked” and “Mix-Stacked”.

The difference is the first mutes all any previous take once it starts a new cycle, the latter keeps everything on. This results in hearing all takes simultaneously.

I advice you select “Stacked” and after the recording do the following:

  • open the lane view on the track
  • choose the “Comp” tool
  • select the take you want to listen to
    With the comp tool only one take will be played back, all others will be muted. There is no need to touch the Solo button.

The comp tool lets you also do some other nifty things. Have a look here:
NB: In the video Liam selects the lane before selecting a part with the comp tool. It is NOT necessary to select the lane first.

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Brilliant Johnny,Thanks again.
You have helped solve two issues now.

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My pleasure.
I assume you will run into some more of these hurdles. Many times it might be due to workflow diffrences between the DAWs.