How do u send to multiple vstis in C7

In C6 you pressed ‘E’ on midi channel. On the send slots you hit the power button to turn them on and then select the vst instrument you wanted to send it to. Then the next slot for another vst and so on
Can’t find how to do this in C7 yet . . . Anyone ??? Or has it been lost in translation to the new mixer

Do it in the inspector.

Sorry I still cant find it after looking around send menus etc. Can anyone give me clear instructions on where it is?

(edited out wrong info)

VSTi’s in sends are in the inspector, like thingingcap said.

Hi Steve

I’m trying to find a way to sent 1 midi performance to say a few pad sounds at once so I can fade them in and out with volumes. This was simple to do in C6 as I say using the sends area in the channel pane for that midi channel as there was an area in the sends where you could select other VST instruments to send out to. This functionality isnt there in the channel pane on C7 nor can I find a way to do it in the inspector as of yet :slight_smile:

Inspector. Gone from the mixer.

Thanks found it - I didnt have MIDI sends enabled in the inspector so I couldnt see them.