How do upgrades and crossgrades work with licenses?

I’m curious to know how upgrades from cubase LE or a cross grade from a competitor works as far as licenses go? For example, if I have cubase LE and I upgrade to pro 10, does that mean my license is just an upgrade license? I ask this because I know people sell their pro 10 licenses and if I were to do that in the future, am I able to sell the upgraded license as a regular version of pro 10 or is it considered only an upgrade license whereas the buyer would be required to be upgrading from a lesser version of cubase?

Also for crossgrades, if I were to have something like studio one 4 pro and crossgraded to cubase pro 10, does this mean the license is just a crossgrade and not a regular version of pro 10? Also, if I crossgrade, does this mean I have to give up the studio one 4 pro license?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m really interested in getting cubase pro 10, and on just curious on what I’d be getting myself into.

I did the crossgrade over the weekend, from Ableton 9 Suite to Cubase Pro 10. $166 at Sweetwater, plus whatever I paid for the USB eLicenser a while back. I have a full Cubase Pro Installation and license on my USB now.

A crossgrade license is a full license. And you can still use your Studio One 4 pro.
An upgrade license is also a full license, but your Elements license becomes your Pro License, so it´s one license in the end.

Thanks for the answers!