how do we extract the audio from video now then?

As title says - what to do???

Since the function no longer works how would you guys get the audio from video files?

I’ d use something that works. Therefore I would try google…

It doesn’t work? Did you use it yet?

try FFMPG, it can help you do a lot of stuff with video in any situation.

It doesn’t work with the new video engine

I just tried it and it functioned as expected. Maybe an issue with your video format.

I can confirm the same issue here… tried importing a regular MP4 file…

Video imports just fine but there is no corresponding audio file.

The same file imports perfectly (both audio and video) in Cubase 8.5.

I believe the release notes state that audio extraction doesn’t yet work for Win 7…

Neither on mac

The release notes talk about replacing audio in a video file, not extracting.

VLC player has a convert function that can save pcm audio out of any video. And it’s available for any platform.

How does generation smartphone survive everyday?

from here:

AAC Audio Extract on Win 7 is in development.

Which would explain why it works for me.

Works great here, also great performance, as in I don’t notice any additional load when I add a video to a project.
Great job.

Well that’s great - but it used to be possible to drag a video file into cubase and the audio would be extracted at the same time - very smart. I don’t want to use additional software to do stuff that has worked just fine in cubase before

Well, then don’t do it at all, or use the Cubase version in which it wworked just fine. That’s the only two options you have obviously.