How do you access Offline Process History?

In N7, I could RIGHT CLICK on an event and a little menu would drop down that would let me access the offline process history of that event.

When I right click on an event in N8.2, all I’m getting is the tool tray. What do I have to change in preferences to get that drop down menu of features and more specifically where is the offline process history now being stored? :question:

Offline Process History won’t even show up in the manual’s search menu! :astonished:

The rack on the left is what would be the same as your offline history in N7

Thanks, how do I get the RIGHT CLICK DROP DOWN MENU on the events back?

Anybody? Which preference control effects this function?

It’s now a default Key Command. Press F7.

I know about the F7 key. No more right click option? There were other functions besides DOP on that drop down menu.

Was it maybe “unchecked” as a function item in that list, whatever it’s called?.. There’s like a list or whatever where you can check/uncheck stuff that you used/don’t use and if you uncheck something it won’t show up as an option… or am I remembering that incorrectly?.. it’d be in preferences…

THAT is the very question I’m asking, WHICH preference is it?

FOUND IT! :smiley: You have to UN-CHECK the tool pop up windows option in the Tools Folder of preferences.