How do you add an opening repeat indicator?

I adding a first ending to my song. It is suppose to return to the verse and then start playing again. But because there is no “marker”, it goes back to the intro and start playing. I’ve looked through all the tools and searched the web, but I can’t figure out how to do it. In Sibelius, it is easy. I’m sure it’s easy in Dorico, if you know how to do.


Click on the first note of the verse to select it, then type Shift-B, | : (pipe, then colon, without the space in between).

“More popover goodness”:

You can also click on a barline and invoke the Shift-B popover as Dan described.

For the sake of completeness, repeat barlines are available in the barlines section of the right hand panel in Write Mode.

Thanks. That works. And I see the repeat barlines in the barlines sections of the tool bar. Don’t know I missed it before.