How do you adjust the grid in audio part editor?

Ok I MUST be missing something - my main grid is 1/8 T and I’m working with audio parts. However in the audio part editor I can’t seem to change the grid to anything other than straight 16ths.

How do I change the grid of audio part editor and audio editor to my choosing? Just like the main arrange view grid? :neutral_face: :question:


Unfortunately, you don’t miss anything. It’s not possible.

Thanks Martin. That really sucks. Is that fixed in 8.5? How do folks work without this grid?

Thankfully at least snap seems to work “invisibly” in the audio part editor, so I’m saved for the moment but I can’t believe steiny would miss this important ability. This is 2016!!

Unfortunately, it’s the same in Cubase 8.5. It has been posted as a feature request already some time ago.

Yeah, the lack of a definable grid in the Audio Editor sometimes makes life very difficult for me too :frowning: