How do you automate Velocity Shift? (new user)

I have a MIDI track pointing a VSTi and have enabled Velocity Shift for MIDI Modifiers as an automation track. As the track plays I see the Velocity Shift values change with the envelope shape but velocities of the VSTi are not being effected. If I play my keyboard velocity changes as expected. Somehow I got the MIDI Modifiers icon on the inspector to turn purple (I’m not sure how) but it still isn’t causing velocities to actually change. I have another track where it is working properly and I can’t see any differences between the two. I’m really pulling my hair out on this one. Can any experienced users have mercy on me :question:

if your just trying to edit your velocities the key editor is your friend , at the bottom you see the volicity CC bottom , have a play and enjoy :wink:

Key Editor (AFAIK) is destructive. A non-destructive method is what I want and drawing envelopes works much better for me when doing orchestral work. This one of the features that brought me over from Sonar. For pop or rock I would use the Key Editor. Unless I’m missing something?

try to automate :Midi Modifiers On\Off" controller.
some times its stucks on off so automating it to on state might help.

That was it!!! I can get on with my life now :smiley: I wonder what causes it to “stick”. Do you always use the on/off automation when automating the MIDI modifiers?

Many thanks!

The Inspector rack icons, if I understand, are yellow when bypassed. (this seems to be overridden when muted via automation) What does purple mean?

Do you always use the on/off automation when automating the MIDI modifiers?

actually i noticed that there is midi modifiers automation just according to your post. :wink:
i guess that “stickiness” is a bug ?!

just by experimenting i see the purple comes when actually a modifier engaged

I’ll actually feel better if this is a bug since it shouldn’t be this complicated. I’ll report it to Steinberg.

Did you get anywhere with this? I’ve been having similar issues with 7.0.6 for several days now and couldn’t decide if it was me or not. For instance, I just lowered a velocity on the automation track and the thing went louder - much louder - but settled down once it has gone round the loop. First beats seem to disappear too. Things just don’t seem to be responding as you’d expect (i.e. straight away). It’s not just GA1 I’m hearing this with, it’s AD too so I’m staring very hard at Cubase in the hope it’ll feel guilty and sort itself out.

I tried this but not convinced it had an effect and wasn’t sure what he meant exactly. Put that on/off at track start or at the start of every event?

Doesn’t do it for me either, not this time anyway. I have parts I want playing a little louder/quieter and want to keep them shared to keep up with positional edits.