How Do You Backup All Of Your Projects

Cubasis did something very strange today and I lost a project. The project would come up blank. I tried rebooting etc. but it was gone. Now that I have redone the song I want a way to backup all of my songs to my PC and be able to restore them if something like this happens again. I could not find any way to backup the entire projects folder. When I try to right click and do a save as it creates a hyperlink to the folder it is not possible to just copy the folder to my PC. I have tried copying it from the APPS in Itunes with no luck either. Can someone help? Ideally I would like to be able to save all of the folders at once and restore only the ones that I would need to.


I export all projects to Dropbox.
works like a charm.


I would recommend to backup your project using iTunes File Sharing (Select Project β†’ ZIP β†’ Transfer the Shared Project Folder to your Computer). You cannot access the folders in iTunes File Sharing. Thus, you have to Drag&Drop the entire folder on your computer.

Using Dropboy is, as the previous poster proposed, also a suitable option.

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Hmmm! That is also what happened to my project of march 12. The next day it was gone. Since everything for me is just experimental, I could care less but that fact that it happened, was a surprise.


could you provide us with some more details about the issue? What do you mean with β€œit was gone?”

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