How do you call a PLE or LE with a button press from a MIDI Remote Script

I have searched everywhere and I can’t find any way to call a Project Logical Editor or MIDI Logical Editor from a MIDI Remote script.

One can do it through the UI if not scripting, but I can’t find a handle to it in the JavaScript environment.

Does anyone know how to do it? Or know for certain that it can’t be done. I have a whole lot of buttons that need to be set to MLEs.

Also: I did find a way to cause a script built MR to be editable as if it were a UI built MR. Not sure if it is intentional as it happened on accident. If I export the MR after doing that, would someone else be able to import it with the settings intact?

maybe @Jochen_Trappe knows the answer?


Just create a PLE Preset. You will find it in the Key Commands window:

In the Mapping Assistant’s Functions Browser you’ll find it here:

Or in the script you can do this:
page.makeCommandBinding(“Process Project Logical Editor Preset”, “01_JochensTest”)

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Can the same be done for Key Commands, MLEs and Macros?

Thanks again!

MLEs I don’t know, but Macros: yes!

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I guess @oqion means LE presets, so yes, presumably (I didn’t actually test) in the same way as with PLE presets.

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