How do you change instruments or swap enharmonics

I have a .mid file I’ve imported. When I import it, all the instruments are assigned to flutes. I can rename them, or add other instruments to these players, but I can’t find a way to simply change the instrument to be the what I want.

I want to change the enharmonic spelling on a bunch of notes. (For example, G#->Ab.) Is there a way to do this? The only spelling-related hotkeys I could find are altNumpadEqual and altNumpadMinus. When I use altNumpadEqual on a D#, it does nothing, and when I use altNumpadMinus on a D#, it changes it to C triple sharp… how can I fix a passage like this without re-entering notes?

…I can’t even find any hotkeys related to setting a note to be flat or sharp. (Looking at the Help menu -> Key Commands.) Am I missing something here?

Alt Equal and Alt Minus on the main keyboard (top row) should work.

FWIW my Windows keypad doesn’t even have an “Equal” key (it does have an “Plus”)

On the top row of the main keyboard, 0 = natural, minus = flat, equal = sharp.

I also search the shortcut but can’t find it like “Ocme”
The solution of Rob doesn’t work here :
I can switch Bb to A# with Alt and minus (keybard) or Alt and 6 (keyb but qwertzu)
but to change A# to Bb can’t find!
I think there is a toggle key shortcut to do this!

Sorry, I have a UK English keyboard, so I don’t know about your European one.

In the Edit menu, select Preferences, then Key Commands, then NoteEdit.

You should see the shortcuts for “Respell Using Note Name Above” and “Respell Using Note Name Below”.

If those shortcuts don’t work on your keyboard, try changing them to some other keys.

Choosing Key Commands from the Help menu will show you an overview of Dorico’s keyboard shortcuts and you can choose different keyboard languages and layouts to see what hopefully matches what you are using.

Also, you can open Dorico’s Preferences (found in the Edit menu on Windows and in the Application menu on Mac) and choose Key Commands from the left-hand sidebar to configure all of Dorico’s keyboard shortcuts.

Find an expand the ‘NoteEdit’ category to see the commands for ‘Respell Using Note Name Above’ and ‘Respell Using Note Name Below’ as per the attached screenshot. You can reassign these key commands if you so wish.


Thanks again,
I understand better it must be very diffucult for you with all language keyboard : Mine is swiss french!
two suggestion perhaps :

  1. " same toogle key" for usual use could be great

Choosing Key Commands from the Help menu

My music’s computer has no internet(=no help) so if you put an internal help could also be great
Best regards

Thanks all. Using the alt+/alt- keys (not the numeric keypad ones) works as expected. The Preferences’ Key Commands reflects this correctly, the online help is what seems to be mistaken.

Any insight as to how to change an instrument completely, instead of just renaming it or assigning a different instrument to that player?

You can’t yet do that, 0cme, but we will try to add this very soon. It’s meant to be an operation that you can perform using the Players panel in Setup mode.

I’ve hit this problem with being unable to change a player’s instrument also. I guess the workaround is to add an instrument, copy all the music over, and delete the original instrument. But I haven’t found a way to copy all the instrument’s music to another instrument yet…can’t seem to select enough music.

Selecting all of an instrument’s music is indeed a pain in the bum. Switching to galley view and zooming out a long way before making a marquee selection is the best of a number of bad options at the moment.

Thanks Daniel. That sort of works, doing it chunk by chunk (as I couldn’t zoom out far enough for the whole piece). And sometimes the chunks pasted with slightly different timing, I think because triplets had somehow avoided being in the selection, so the notes got pasted as non-triplets. But otherwise with careful use, the workaround works - thanks.